The Evolution of

Virtual Reality

An ITS 498 Capstone Project

Twenty years ago, virtual reality (VR) would seem like something found in a movie. Often fantasized in sci-fi movies in the 90s and dreams of something from the future. Virtual Reality is no longer a dream, it is now an affordable entertainment option. Before we look at the sophisticated technology of VR, it started with a very simple idea and evolved into what we know today.



Hello, my name is Mike Jacobson. I am a Senior at UWS and I am working towards graduating in Spring 2020. This is my ITS 498 Capstone Website.

I currently work for GameStop as the Assistant Manager and I am seeing where that will take me after college. I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, and playing video games. This is where I got my idea for the theme of my capstone project.


The Evolution of virtual Reality

Its 498          capstone project

Mike Jacobson

Business Administration

& ITS minor


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